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How to transfer files to iSilo™ for iPhone OS on Windows XP


These instructions show you how to transfer a document file to your iPhone/iPod touch so that you can view the document with iSilo™ for iPhone OS.

The iPhone and iPod touch devices do not have built-in general file transfer capabilities, so each third-party application that requires access to external files is solely responsible for implementing its own file transfer mechanism. The initial release of iSilo™ for iPhone OS, version 1.0, provided the ability to transfer document files to your device by downloading them from a web server.

Version 1.2 implemented a file server within iSilo™ that allows you to connect via Wi-Fi to iSilo™ on your device from a desktop computer to transfer files directly. This article describes how to transfer files with this method using Windows XP.

These instructions assume the following:

Note that the images shown here may differ from your particular setup depending on the version of iSilo™ you have installed and the version of Windows XP on your system, but the instructions are pretty much the same. The screenshots in this article were taken on a system running Windows XP Home.

In the instructions that follow, the word computer will be used to refer to your Windows XP computer and the word device will be used to refer to your iPhone or iPod touch device.


  1. In order to be able to transfer files to your device, you need to start the iSilo™ file server on your device. In iSilo™'s document list view, tap the More button on the right part of the navigation bar.

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